10-year-old girl with muscular dystrophy creates amazing pieces of art


Despite having a genetic disorder which makes movement and even breathing a struggle, 10-year-old Ekaterina, or ‘Kate’, from Russia is making waves in the art world with her amazing paintings.


On her facebook page, Kate’s family members wrote; "It’s really wonderful and inspiring. We feel happy for our daughter, because despite her physical restrictions, she lives a full life among sincere friends and she has found a way to be optimistic and have a lot of plans for the future."

Kate has been selling her prints and posters online to help pay for her medical care and quality of life. "All funds from selling will be used for Kate’s medical care and increasing the quality of her life. We live in Russia. Here there is no medical care insurance for rare diseases. Families have to obtain all necessary medical equipment, high-quality medical care, nurses' service by themselves. It costs enormous funds." 


You can view more of Kate’s artwork and read more about her story here.


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Sophie Green