Mikaella Theofanopoulou


Mikaella Theofanopoulou (M_Theta_) is an Athens-based independent Artist & Designer, born in Tokyo. After receiving her Masters in Applied Design in Architecture from Oxford School of Architecture, she engaged with interior design drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese aesthetics of the wabi-sabi philosophy. Her obsessive admiration for the clean lines & organic forms of interiors of unobtrusive beauty, stimulated her to shift her perspective towards the creation of artwork that reveal this kind of authenticity. Her art is all about exploring genuineness in existing imperfection through the simplicity of a single line, rejecting everything superfluous. Her works invite you to discover that the most intricate sentiment can emerge even from a simple, subtle line. The elegance of a less-is-more mentality and the variety of all these distinct emotions are reflected in her one-line drawings which currently depict people's faces.  Mikaella encourages you to ''Embrace your inner 'hygge' through imperfect raw lines''.