Why picking up a paint brush could be good for your mental wellbeing


We have been thinking a lot about mental health lately, and how exercising our creativity can make us happier in the long run. It’s long been acknowledged that art can help us to express our emotions, calm us down and reduce our stress levels. At Art Basket, we are huge advocates of creating art, even if you are not an expert, or you have no reason to make a piece of artwork, other than just because you feel like it! Here’s why…


Art can help to reduce and even prevent stress

Aside from providing us with an outlet to express our emotions, art has been proven to reduce and even prevent stress. For example, people that are generally artistic or creative, tend to have less of the hormone associated with stress, ‘cortisol’ and more of the feel-good ‘endorphins’ in their body. It has also been proven that people who regularly draw, paint or create are more psychologically 'resilient’ and succumb to stress less.

Art can be a great distraction

Taking the time to focus on a drawing or painting can work as a handy distraction from life’s worries. Sometimes, it’s healthy to put everyday stresses on the back-burner and momentarily engage your mind in something more soothing. Try copying out an object or photograph precisely to drag your mind away from things that are worrying you.

Art can be an excellent meditation tool

Playing around with paints, colouring pencils or pastels with no real end product in mind can be a great way of clearing your mind and creating an emotional stillness within. Studies have proven that meditation can drastically reduce stress, anxiety, depression and even physical pain. If sitting in silence for 15 minutes a day isn’t for you, art could be the perfect alternative.

Art can help you build confidence

Developing, learning and eventually being good at something is an excellent way of feeling more relaxed and generally happier. It’s been proven that by feeling ‘rewarded’, our brains release a chemical called ‘dopamine’ that makes us feel happy. This feeling of being rewarded, and in turn happy, encourages us to retain information and skills!


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