Top benefits of art in the workplace

The impact that art can have on employees, employers, customers and clients is often hugely underestimated by companies. Not only can art change the entire mood of a room, it can work as a conversation starter for customers, it can impress clients and even make employees more productive!

Art Basket Original fox poster

Art Basket Original fox poster

Boost the mood of your workplace

Brightly coloured artwork or big, bold art prints can bring even the most drab office space to life. The mood of your employees and people visiting your workplace is hugely important when it comes to productivity, work ethic, and even closing those all-important deals. Research has shown that employees feel more appreciated and less ‘dehumanised’ when working in an office space that has been brightly decorated with pieces of art.

Create a talking point in your workplace

Large, abstract paintings or unusual photography prints can be real conversation starters in the workplace. This may not seem hugely important, but when creating an environment where people feel at ease and breaking the ice and building professional relationships is important, a common interest can be an excellent tool for your company. You can be sure to inspire a little debate amongst your visitors with artwork hung on your walls.

Impress your clients

Most companies will know that making a good first impression with clients and potential clients is extremely important. The first thing that your visitors see when walking through the doors of your office can automatically give them an impression of what sort of company you are. Being greeted by interesting and impressive art will not only inspire a little intrigue, but will impress potential clients.

Book a FREE art consultation

At Art Basket, we are one of the few art galleries and stores that offer FREE art consultations for both the home and workplace. We work with you to create a well-designed interior that will impress all potential clients, put your employees in a good mood and create a talking point amongst your visitors.

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