5 art trends for your home this Autumn

As the weather gets colder, a whole new wave of interior design trends are starting to take over. At Art Basket, we’re saying goodbye to pastel shades and simple Scandi prints and hello to luxurious patterns, golds, orange hues and navy blues. We have chosen 5 of our favourite Autumn art trends for 2018.

1. Darker shades

This Autumn, blacks, royal blues and dark greys are making a dramatic return to our palette. Create a moodier, cosy interior with large, navy prints, and furnishings to match.

If you’re a monochrome fanatic like us, you’ll love having our smaller black and white framed posters around your home as accents. Match with black soft furnishings, lamps and ornaments to create a sophisticated and atmospheric interior.

2. Rich gold and bronze accents

Team your dark shades with glowing golds and bronze accents to bring a little life into the room. Artwork made with gold leaf is fantastic for bringing a little glam into your room and will make a great focal point for your guests to admire! Made with real 24k gold leaf, copper leaf and flower petals, Billy Byrne’s original paintings are a fabulous addition to any living area or bedroom.

3. Warm autumnal tones

With the turning leaves, comes those warm, maple, orange and red hues that make us love Autumn so much! Bring the outside in with orange, red and brown artwork. Abstract art will naturally bring a little intrigue into your interior and give your guests something to talk about. Kierstie Masih’s nature-themed abstract prints are perfect for creating a cosy autumnal interior in your home.

Courtney Bae’s gouache and pen figurative abstract drawing ‘da’

Courtney Bae’s gouache and pen figurative abstract drawing ‘da’

4. Who runs the world?

That’s right! Girls! This year, artwork based around female empowerment has made a huge impact, and the trend shows no sign of giving in this Autumn.

Inspiring images of women have been popping up in galleries all over the world and at Art Basket, we have found that feminine artwork gives any interior the opulence and luxury it deserves. Barri Faryad and Courtney Bae’s drawings of the female form will add a little sensuality to any room.

5. Botanical prints

Bring the outside in with botanical prints or paintings. Perfect for any living space, leafy greens will brighten up any dingy interior. We love Christian Coop’s set of botanical ink and watercolour paintings.


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