Think BIG! Sometimes when it comes to art, size really does matter!


Looking for something eye-catching to fill up that empty wall space, but not sure what to go for? At Art Basket, we have always been huge advocates of proudly displaying your artwork in your home or office space. Having original paintings, giclée prints or limited-edition photography up on the wall is an easy way of making a statement. Deciding on what to put up and what size to go for, however, is not always so easy.

Goodbye gallery walls, hello statement art!


In recent years, gallery walls have been hugely popular. With the latest ‘Hygge’ trend, having artwork strategically placed around the room as an accent ties in with the idea of simplicity and cosiness.

As the summer gets underway, however, new interior design trends have started to change the way people arrange the artwork in their homes. It seems that this season, it’s all about statement art.


Decisions decisions…

Large statement artwork undoubtedly gives eyes somewhere to be drawn to, as well as creating a feature out of an otherwise uninteresting wall. Of course, you don’t want your artwork to take over the room or give your visitors a headache. It’s also important to set the right tone. Is your artwork appropriate for your visitors? Does your artwork fit in with your chosen colour scheme?

Whether you decide to choose your artwork based around your room, or decorate your room to match your artwork, we recommend going for a coordinated palette. Choose a colour scheme that picks up on accents within the painting; cushions, lamps, candles and ornaments that match the colour scheme of the painting will both mimic and compliment it.

It is also important to consider the size and lighting of a space before committing to a large piece of artwork. Smaller, darker rooms will need light, bright artwork to bring them to life and likewise, darker artwork will inevitably draw a person’s eye towards it in a large, bright room.