Buying Artwork for Scandinavian Style Homes

This year has been the year of Scandinavian comforts and more of a relaxed ‘Hygge’ feel. With muted colour palettes, grey soft furnishings, 70s décor and large leafy plants to boot, this simple style shows no sign of coming to an end any time soon.

At Art Basket, we have been looking at some of the styles of art that have become most fitting for this newest trend. We have come up with 4 top tips for decorating your Scandinavian homes with artwork:

1.     Keep it Simple

2.     Experiment with Abstract Designs

3.     Add a Splash of Colour

4.     Bring the Outside in


Keep it Simple

The latest ‘Hygge’ trend is all about muted colours; greys, whites and beiges. Furniture is usually of a simple, 70s style and decorations follow this rule too.

Keep artwork simple! Anything too garish will simply stand out and look out of place. Framing artwork with simple frames that match the room’s colour scheme will also help to make artwork look more tasteful.

'Da' Gouache and Pen Original by Courtney

'Da' Gouache and Pen Original by Courtney

Experiment with Abstract Designs

Abstract paintings and prints instantly give a space a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ (no, really)! The best thing about abstract art is the nature of interpreting what is going on in a picture. Keep your guests guessing, by decorating your home with abstract prints to stand out amongst the simple furnishings of your Scandi home.

Add a Spash of Colour

Don’t go mad! Keep your colour scheme the same throughout your space. Match mustard cushions to a piece of yellow artwork, or pastel green candles to a tasteful outdoor scene. Adding a splash of colour works well as an accent in a white or grey room and naturally draws a guest’s eyes to your piece of artwork.

Bring the Outside in

The Scandinavian style is all about bringing back large, leafy 70s style house plants to add a spash of colour to your simple space. Match your artwork to your greenery with an outdoor scene or a botanical print.