Choosing Artwork for your Child's Bedroom

Everybody wants a soothing, safe place for their child to sleep and play. Studies have proven that colours and patterns stimulate a young child's imagination and can aid in their development. To some, however, finding the balance between a colourful, educational room and a stylish, soothing space can prove difficult.

Incorporating artwork into your child's bedroom is a fantastic way of adding a little excitement, without going over the top! We have been looking at ways of incorporating tasteful artwork into your child's bedroom. 

Keep it simple

Although different colours, shapes and textures are important to a young child's development, it's also important not to overdo it when it comes to contrasting patterns and colours if you want to keep your child's room looking tasteful.

Plain, neutral walls in a muted palette, for example, mean that you can be adventurous with your artwork and introduce some more exciting colours. 

Choose a theme and stick to it

Try to avoid giving yourself a headache every time you enter your child's bedroom with contrasting colours and patterns taking over the room. When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your child's bedroom, go for matching tones and use them as accents around the room.

Children will inevitably grow out of their current interests and obsessions, so by keeping the bare bones of your room neutral and using artwork and other furnishings as accents around the room, it will be easier to make changes when your child does grow out of their current theme.