Artist Interview: Q&A with Dave Bond


Art Basket's own Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, David Bond loves both the craftsmanship of traditional techniques and the exciting potential and possibilities of digital technology. His works are a part of his ongoing experiments in drawing, painting and attempting to capture the lively, joyous nature of our four-legged friends.

We had a chat with Dave to find out a little more about his style, influences, and why he prefers painting animals to humans.


How would you describe your artistic style?

It’s a sketchy and expressive figurative style. I start by drawing in Indian ink with a dip pen, I draw quite fast with scribbly lines, trying not to over-think things too much. I then move on to painting with a brush in artist’s inks, starting with watery washes, before working more precisely on the details. I like my paintings to feel dynamic and fresh, I’m trying to capture the lively, even frantic energy that dogs can have. 

What draws you to drawing animals in particular?

I’ve always been obsessed with animals, my favourite book as a child was this massive encyclopedia published by the Reader’s Digest called The Living World of Animals. I destroyed several copies because I spent so much time pouring over the pages. I’m a massive dog-lover, I prefer them to people! I’ve got a black lab called Cassis who’s my constant studio buddy.

What are the main influences on your style of art?

There are so many Artists and Illustrators that I find inspiring - Maurice Sendak, Charlie Harper, M Sasek, Eyvind Earle, Egon Schiele, Francisco Goya. But probably the biggest influence on the way I draw and paint in inks is the sketches of the Illustrator Brian Froud - I have a book of all the character design he did for the monsters and goblins in the film Labyrinth - another of my childhood obsessions!


Who do you hope for your artwork to appeal to?

I would hope they appeal to everyone - or at least everyone who likes dogs!

You can buy giclée prints of Dave's artwork here.