Give ART this Valentine's Day: 5 ways that you can surprise your Valentine this year!

Looking for something a little different to give your Valentine this year? Tired of the cliché bouquets of roses and giant teddy bears? Then why not give your Valentine something that will last them a lifetime?

Giving the gift of art can be a unique, meaningful and undeniably romantic gesture. We have put together 5 of our favourite ways to give the gift of art this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic colours

The colours outside may be dull and tired, but February is the time of love. This means romantic, ethereal shades should be the order of the day. Think pastel pinks and corals, watercolour shades and hues that mimic the turning of Spring.

We love Kierstie Masih’s pink ‘Dandelions’ giclée print, which is both pure and romantic; manifesting warm fields of flowers in Spring. View more of Kierstie’s work here.

There’s nothing more romantic than Luke & Mandy’s French photographic prints. Exhuming dreamy days spent in the French countryside, France II is the perfect romantic gift for a lover of flowers. View more of Luke & Mandy’s work here.

Botanical prints

If you want to stick with the theme of giving your loved one flowers this Valentine’s Day, why not give the gift of botanical art.

Billy Byrne’s ink and gold leaf drawings are a perfect example of fusing romance and art. Making use of real flower petals to create magical mixed-media piece of art, Billy’s artwork is both dreamy and eye-catching. To see more of Billy’s work, click here.

We also love Krista McCurdy’s cyanotype and lumen prints. Literally named ‘ethereal’, Krista’s newest lumen prints are practically real flowers that will never die. To see more of Krista’s prints, click here.

Get sentimental

Valentine’s Day is the time to get sentimental! Maybe you share a special memory with your loved one, or perhaps a sentimental place that you both hold in your heart. Maybe your loved one has a favourite animal or a hobby that they are passionate about? A piece of art that is both personal and sentimental will be something that your Valentine will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

We love Aga Farrell’s photographic prints. Capturing everyday moments in beautiful spots around the world, these photographic prints are the ideal presents for lovers of nature and animals. To view more of Aga’s work, click here.

Andrew Lever’s photographic prints also make the perfect gifts for those that are a fan of travel and lifestyle. See more of Andrew’s work here.

Figurative art

Nothing is more romantic than art that captures the human form in its most natural state. If you are looking for something a little more sensual, figurative art could be the gift that you have been looking for.

Courtney Bae’s set of figurative ink and gouache paintings perfectly express the sensuality of the naked human form, whilst merging simple lines with romantic shades. To view more of Courtney’s work, click here.

If you are looking for something a little less risqué, Mikaella Theofanopoulou’s simple, single-line drawings are both chic and in trend this year. To see more of Mikaella’s work, click here.

Commission a piece of artwork for your Valentine

If you can’t choose the perfect piece of artwork for your loved one, why not commission a bespoke piece of artwork by one of our Artists? You can work alongside our team of experts to create the perfect personalised piece of art for your Valentine.

Perhaps you would like a bespoke portrait of your Valentine’s pet, or a photograph of the place that you met? Whatever it is that you would like, we can help you to create the perfect present in time for Valentine’s Day.

For more information on commissioning a piece of artwork, click here.