Art Spring Trends for 2019

Spring has almost sprung and the weather is slowly getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the great outdoors is starting to brighten up a little. Interior trends are changing with the turn of the seasons and colour palettes, materials and décor are changing with them. At Art Basket, we have been putting together a list of the top art trends that are set to make an impact this Spring.

1. Feminine Tones

If you are considering giving your interior a new lease of life, feminine shades of pink, blush and dusty rose will transform your interior. Robbie Chapman’s vibrant abstract paintings will be sure to make an impact (you can view some more of Robbie’s artwork here) and Kierstie Masih’s ever-popular abstract giclée prints would also make excellent accents to any interior. You can view Kierstie’s prints here.

What with ‘Living Coral’ being announced as Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year’ at the beginning of the year, peaches and oranges will also be making an appearance in interiors this Spring. Stuart Swies’ sunset landscape prints make excellent accents to a coral interior, whilst drawing on nature to bring the outside in. You can see more of Stuart’s artwork here.

2. Nature

As the weather starts to improve, nature will inevitably start to make more of an impact on interiors. This season, ‘biophilia’ is the word of choice; a connection between humans and nature. Natural materials, rustic woods, artisan stone décor and organic, woven textiles are predicted to be hugely popular this Spring. With this trend of nature, will come a wave of artwork to mirror this.

Krista McCurdy’s cyanotype and lumen prints are an excellent choice for those that want to add a little of the outdoors into their interior. Made from real plants, Krista uses nature as her main influence. You can view more of Krista’s artwork here.

We also love Charlotte Farrow’s seascape giclée prints. Drawing inspiration from the great outdoors and the crashing waves of the ocean, for a bright, relaxed interior, Charlotte’s artwork would make an excellent addition. You can view more of Charlotte’s prints here.

3. Maximalist Art

This is excellent news for those with a penchant for bold, bright graphics and statement art. Minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity is starting to be replaced by bold textures and patterns. Large, abstract pieces will serve as eye-catching centrepieces for any room. Aga Farrell’s photographic eye prints are an excellent example of bold design. You can view more of Aga’s prints here.

We also love Charlotte Farrow’s colourful abstract giclée prints and Andrew Lever’s large photographic prints. You can view more of Andrew’s prints here.



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