10 things that creative people do differently to everybody else

Ever wondered why some people are creative and others aren’t? What makes creative people different to others? Creative people certainly see the world in a different way to most; their intensity, passion, sporadic thought processes and critical eye can make every day functioning a struggle for some creative individuals. But their unique way of looking at things and their unrivalled passion also make the highly creative a lucky creature.


Here are 10 of the most prominent traits of creative people.

  1. Creative people prefer their own company.

    It’s no secret that the highly creative are happy in their own company. They don’t seek popularity or reassurance from others. In fact, they can at times seem reclusive. Creative people are more likely to turn down an invitation and stay at home. When in their own bubble of creativity, they are free to do whatever that they want away from the judgement of society.

  2. They need to be stimulated, otherwise their minds start to wander to darker places

    Creative people need to be highly stimulated in order to stay positive; they are not content sitting around enjoying ‘down time’ for long. They need to keep their minds active. This is why creative people are more likely to work on personal projects or crafts during their time off. If left unstimulated for too long, creative people can become moody, restless, anxious and even depressed.

  3. They have a strong intuition and are usually never wrong

    Creative people are usually more ‘in tune’ with their intuition and know when to listen to it when making decisions. This may be because creative people are more open and responsive to external forces guiding them in the right direction than logical people, whose feet are firmly planted on the ground.

  4. They listen to their hearts over their heads

    Even when their brain is telling them otherwise, creative people have a tendency to follow their hearts. This can be with regards to their profession, love life and family/friendships. Creative people are more likely to suffer poverty doing something that they love, than work a 9-5 job to pay the bills. Creative people also fall in love deeply and passionately and will stay in negative relationships despite their ‘brain’ telling them not to.

  5. They can often find it difficult to sleep

    Creative people’s thoughts run quickly and in all directions. This can make sleeping difficult, particularly when there are unfinished projects to be done. Many creative people will do a lot of their work at night, when insomnia kicks in. Some creative people just prefer the quietness and solitude of the night, when the rest of the world is asleep.

  6. Their emotions can be fickle, particularly with regards to their own work

    Creative people will fall passionately in love with their own work and the very next day, will hate it with as much zeal. In fact, creative people can be extremely critical of themselves and their own work. The fact that they are always looking at the world through a creative lens means that a job is sometimes never completed to their satisfaction.

  7. Creative people are extremely ambitious

    Because of their fantastic imaginations and tendencies to daydream, creative people have no problem imagining themselves fulfilling all of their hopes and dreams and reaching the best of their potential. They are therefore more likely to have extraordinary, sometimes unrealistic, ambitions and will try their hardest to fulfil these.

  8. They are proficient procrastinators

    Creative people can be excellent at procrastinating. They daydream a LOT, and can often lost hours in an imaginary world, living out an imaginary scenario. When tasked with something mundane, that does not ignite their creative passion, creative people will avoid doing it at all costs.

  9. They prefer to watch and listen, rather than be seen and heard

    Creative people are fascinated by the human psychology that influences other people. They can be extremely empathetic and are good listeners. Creative people may come across as antisocial or even a little ‘strange’, but they are really just watching, listening and learning about others.

  10. They are extremely passionate

    There is rarely a grey area when it comes to creative people. They feel emotions strongly and can love and hate with great zeal. They certainly don’t do emotions by halves. They fall in love deeply. Creative people feel passionately about topics that spike their interest and will defend their own personal beliefs and values to the hilt.

    When they are upset about something, creative people feel great sadness. When they are irritated by something, creative people feel tremendous anger, and when they are pleased about something, creative people feel immense happiness.

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